West Coast Swing ‘Spins’ 2-Pack

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Kristin Ham’s West Coast Swing Spins & Turns 2 DVD Set

  • Designed for Intermediate & Advanced Dancers
  • Chock-full of “Why” and “How” Answers
  • 4 Time World Champion Instructor
  • Easy to Follow
  • Step-by-Step Move Breakdowns
  • Show-stopping Styling Tips
  • Every Single Detail Explained
  • Dance Along at Your Own Pace
  • Learn With or without a partner
  • Practice with Music
  • How to Unleash the Power of Spins, Turns, and other Rotational Moves, Boost Your Overall West Coast Swing Technique, and Learn New Moves That Are Sure To WOW Whether You Are A Leader OR A Follower…

**Previews for Kristin’s West Coast Swing Spins 2-Pack should be up by February 8th**

Finally! Kristin Ham Reveals her Step-by-Step Guide for Perfect Spins and Wobble-Free Turns In a DVD Lesson that lets you practice along without forgetting a single step.

One of the most knowledgeable, organized, skilled, and graceful dance teachers on the planet will painstakingly take you through the EVERYTHING you need to polish your West Coast Swing to a brilliant shine with her flawless move collection featuring a variety of spins and turns.

Do you dread the prep for turns? Are you stuck on a plateau with your West Coast Swing? Does “vanilla” pretty much sum up your dancing right now? Read on. If you are a West Coast enthusiast who feels as though you’re ALMOST a great dancer, or if you are a West Coast enthusiast who simply wants to learn it all “right the first time”, Kristin Ham delivers just what you’ve been waiting for with her West Coast Swing Spins & Turns 2 DVD Set.

Who is Kristin Geil-Ham’s West Coast Swing Spins & Turns For?

This is a SERIOUS student’s product. It’s NOT for people with who are happy getting by with cut-and-paste beginner steps, generic or sloppy moves, and half-baked attempts at turns. This ADVANCED training is for people with the most serious of fascination, intrigue, and possibly even (dare we say it) obsession with dancing the West Coast Swing …. if that’s you, then you will welcome the challenging nature of the Spin Moves taught by Kristin Ham. You will appreciate being stretched with new steps and techniques, and will – hands down – rank Kristin’s West Coast Swing Spins & Turns Combo Pack as one of the all-time best investments you’ve ever made in your West Coast Swing.

Sound good? Now, let’s discover what all is included in this awe-inspiring West Coast Swing Spins & Turns Combo Pack:

  • You will receive 2 Full-length “Private Lesson” West Coast Swing DVDs with Kristin and Monty Ham that really break down both Spins and turns in a clear, simple, and extremely detailed “This-Is-What-You-Need-To-Do-And-Think” order. Stand up in front of your TV and dance right along with Kristin and Monty. You have the best spot in the class with the prime views of feet, hand positions, body alignment, partner connection, etc as you work through each concept during the lesson.
  • Before you even start dancing, master the anatomy of a turn, Kristin’s “should-be-bottled-and-sold-its-so-fool-proof” approach to setting your body up for the perfect turn – every time. In all you will have in your possession over 3 Hours of Award-Winning In-Depth West Coast Swing Technique from one of the top dance teachers in the world!
  • As you dive in to these lessons with Kristin and Monty, you will master Several Intermediate Spin Moves that are executed on both the right and left sides, exist at the beginning of move combos, mid-move, and even platform turns to close out anchors… and how to dance them well regardless of the music and your dance floor surroundings.
  • Enjoy Clear, Detailed Instructions on everything from foot action to fingertip styling for BOTH Ladies & Gentlemen. Kristin and Monty take each piece of their moves and steps and explain it in such detail that you WON’T MISS A THING!

If you’re truly SERIOUS about your West Coast Swing, it’s quite frankly a dereliction of your responsibilities to yourself, you dancing, and your future dance partners to not take advantage of Kristin’s expertise offered as a part of this 2 disc set that could transform your dancing as it has for many others.

However, nothing is going to change until you…CLICK BELOW and place your order for Kristin Ham’s West Coast Swing Spins & Turns 2 DVD Set.

Who knows when, or if, such an opportunity will present itself to you again? Seize the moment by ordering your West Coast Swing Spins & Turns 2 DVD Set below or phone us at 1-877-326-2301 or 1-877-DANCE-01.


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