West Coast Swing Advanced Vol. 2



West Coast Swing Advanced Vol. 2 is an impressive look at behind-the-back leading and what being ‘blind-sided’ West Coast style really means! Leaders – prepare to be intrigued and impressed while you build some essential knowledge on how some advanced West Coast Swing patterns are built and danced with anyone. Not sure of how to dance them yet? No worries, Shawn & Joanna break these steps down real-time while dancing to some cool West Coast Swing music & songs!

West Coast Swing Advanced V.2 is more than a video lesson that just shows some of the coolest West Coast Swing moves you’ll see anywhere, it literally transfers the knowledge over to you as though you’re dancing right next to Shawn & Joanna Trautman. Will you be excited about what you’re learning? Absolutely! Will it be tough, but completely leadable? Without a doubt!

Now, if you’re new to West Coast Swing, we encourage you not to start here – these lessons are for dancers who can isolate lead & follow elements and for folks who plan on dancing with a LOT of different partners (in other words, it’s for the social dance floor & not choreography that can only be danced with one partner).

How much advanced West Coast Swing do you get for your money? A whole lot more than you’ll find on any West Coast Swing video on YouTube, guaranteed! Not only that, you’ll get unbelievable insight into what makes West Coast tick and how these moves can be done with anyone. This WCS DVD covers a number of leads you won’t find anywhere else including ‘blind-leads’ and how to ‘blind-side’ your partner relating to setting them up in the exact position you’ll need to be successful every time!

And, finally, you’ll also get some great follow along dance music specific for West Coast Swing, so you’ll be able to watch it through a second or third time and just dance along to the music if you’ve mastered all the instruction. Whether you’re just looking for some new West Coast Swing moves that are advanced, you’re looking to add some choreography to your competition routine, or you’re an instructor looking for new moves to teach, West Coast Swing Advanced Vol. 2 is for you!

West Coast Swing Advanced Vol. 2 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“We’ve gained a lot from your videos! “

“We’ve gained a lot from your videos! We’ve been dancing West Coast Swing for 4 years and have never seen moves taught like what you did here. Excellent job of breaking down the leads and giving us moves that are challenging and look great on the floor.”

-Bob N., San Diego, CA



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