Two-Step Moves & Patterns V1



This DVD launches Shawn’s Two-Step Moves & Patterns Series with a fresh look at a staple of intermediate social Two-Step: the Promenade dance position. Using his signature step-by-step instruction style, Shawn and Nicole will dance along with you as you master the Promenade position itself, how to get into it, how to exit from it back to closed dance position, how to add some style with a variety of exits, and how to incorporate the Promenade into your own personal social dance routine so the group of Moves and Patterns taught on this DVD join the steps you mastered on Two-Step Basics in your long-term memory.

You’ve mastered the fundamental steps, done the obligatory six to ten miles of Two Step Dance basics, familiarized yourself with the ins and outs of social dance floor management, and now, you are ready for more. Well, get ready, get set, and get up and moving as you step out into the wide world of intermediate Two Step Dance Lessons with Shawn Trautman’s Two Step Moves & Patterns Volume 1. While Shawn Trautman and Nicole Frye coach you through 3 patterns and more than 16 moves that center around the promenade dance position, you will find yourself mastering a seemingly endless number of key lead and follow concepts, partner tips, and dance technique pointers along the way.


You will also discover the value of Shawn’s Moves & Patterns lessons moves beyond the core 3 patterns in the main part of the DVD. Hang in there, and soon you and your partner will be mastering several bonus moves that take key steps and concepts, tweak them, crank them up a bit, and take great moves and make them unforgettable for you, your partner, and everyone around you. Grab your boots and your partner and get ready for the next step of Two Step dance lessons with Two Step Moves & Patterns Volume 1!

Two-Step Moves & Patterns V1 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“Good first step to two step”

“Two step has always scared me a little because it really moves quickly down the floor. Kind of like driving on a crowded highway, you better know what you are doing or it could get ugly. In Arizona where I am located, we have our own version called the Arizona Two Step. It doesn’t travel nearly so much and is much easier to learn than the progressive or Texas Two Step which this video covers. So I have found it very helpful to find a DVD that teaches the basics in a very clear way. After watching this video I feel like I now have the tools I need to two step with some confidence and style. The moves are shown slowly at first but little by little increase in speed. There are plenty of cool moves to learn, particularly in the bonus section. I really like the review section. It is kind of a Cliff’s notes version of the full lesson. Very helpful if you want to refresh your memory a bit without having to view the whole video again. Even if I never learned another two step move I feel that what I have learned on this video would be more than adequate to take to the dance floor and have a lot of fun. Dancing is all about confidence, and mastering this material will go a long way towards increasing your enjoyment of this fun dance.”

J. Wilkins


Two-Step Moves & Patterns V1 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 1 ROCKS!”

“I absolutely love this DVD! The primary topics covered are how to get into a promenade, and then how to exit the promenade into mirrored vines or skater’s position. Shawn Trautman continues to show what a wonderful dance instructor he is by showing the foot-work while explaining what he did to lead each move. I especially enjoyed the Bonus section of the DVD where Shawn Trautman and Nicole Frye shared other options to exit the previous moves, such as torque turns and faster mirrored vines. I will continue to purchase Shawn Trautman’s instructional dance videos-they are always exceptional.”

-J. Apgar


Two-Step Moves & Patterns V1 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“..perfect choice to begin this series”

“After the basics in Two-Step, Volume 1 is a perfect choice to begin this series. Although I started with Volume 2, I’m glad I came back for this one. It really gets you out on the floor and enjoying dancing. Shawn introduces you to the Promenade which moves you out of the Closed Position and into positions like the Mirrored Vine. This has you and your partner going down the floor in a vine fashion. From here you have options like the Skaters’ position which is a side by side and can include turns and a release that takes you back to the Closed Position. These DVD’s have really opened up the dance floor to my partner and me. We look forward to each Volume.”




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