Two-Step BASICS Vol. 1-3

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Two-Step Basics is a one-of-a-kind starting point that allows you to get deep into the best lessons you’ll find anywhere on country 2-step dancing. Not only will you learn the tricks of leading & following so you can dance w/anyone, you’ll learn the most popular beginner two-step moves that you’ll be proud of on the country dance floor & that others will compliment you on over & over again. You’ll start out by learning the basics themselves & then you’ll get tons of tips, tricks, drills, & everything else you need for success & practicing through more than 4 hours of instruction.

These are Two-Step lessons with an all-American feel! Two-Step BASICS gives you the hottest new style with a fresh look at a classic Country favorite.

Now, you can learn how to dance the Two-Step with Shawn Trautman’s All New 3 DVD set that’ll give you hours of fun lessons sure to give you the look of a confident dancer.

Teamed with former dance champion Nicole Frye, Shawn unveils a new teaching format, tons of tips & tricks, bonus sections, practice music, & much more! Whether you have street shoes, custom boots or a ten gallon hat, Shawn & Nicole will have you Two-Steppin’ with ease just minutes into your first lesson.

Lessons set the way these are make an instant impact on your look, style, & overall grasp of the Two-Step and the skillset you develop will blow your mind! These lessons give you the look of a champion and you’ll be a true pleasure to dance with. You’ll hone your navigation skills, build a full range of Two-Step moves, and get amped by the driving Two-Step rhythm as you effortlessly join in on Country Music’s most popular dance.

Two-Step BASICS is chock full of fun & easy practice drills you won’t find anywhere else and guarantees to deliver success!… in no time flat you’ll be up, dancing, & jamming to your favorite 2-step songs. This all-in-one 3 DVD set teaches everything you need to dance the 2-step, Texas style!

Two-Step BASICS Vol. 1-3 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“These Basics are Solid!”

“I also want to add that the basics was an excellent foundation and here’s why. My girlfriend is an experienced solo dancer in multiple styles (line, hip hop, lyrical, etc.). But she is not very experienced in couples dancing. When I was using your basics DVDs the very beginning of the summer, I had near no knowledge of dancing. I just started some line dancing at country western bars. With that background considered, I looked at your DVDs mainly by myself. My girlfriend was very busy but also a little impatient to sit through the DVDs, she’ll admit. She would say, “I’m a good follower, just lead and spin me.” She is generally great at winging-it since she is a fast learner and adjuster. I’m the opposite, I am a slow learner but I have a great memory. Here is my point. After I got a solid understanding of the steps by myself, I practiced my garage a few times with my girlfriend and it was incredibly easy for me to describe what I was going to do, whether a step, prep, or turn. Because the DVDs move at a snail’s pace, it was very easy for me to understand not only where to step, but weight shift and hand position. I have tried picking up line dances on youtube but the steps and weight shifting runs together and I cant pick it up properly. Also, because you reveal common misconceptions and bad habits, it was easy to spot. Next thing you know, we go dancing and I only do half turns the entire night. Then, I work on cape and wrap only. We start cleaning up the steps. The basics you gave me were so solid, that it has been very easy to add more to my dancing menu. Thank you!”

Joe Parks, CA


Two-Step BASICS Vol. 1-3 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“2-Step Made Simple Enough For ANYBODY”

“This 3 Volume set of dance instruction was very well organized in not only the dance instruction, but also in the way the DVDs were formatted. A lot of the material (especially on disc 1) is extremely slow paced and basic which is good if you’re a beginner that needs to learn 2-Step from the ground up. Each DVD is broken up into 3 separate lessons. If you get bored with the slow paced, step by step instruction you can skip the lesson and go strait into the moves by selecting “review” from the main menu on each DVD. Additionally, each lesson is followed up by bonus and practice features that you can select to learn additional moves and positions as well as receive suggestions of how to practice and master the 2-step in a variety of drills that you can do at home, while seated, or even while pushing a cart at the grocery store. This DVD set is a must whether you are an absolute beginner or you already know the 2-Step but don’t want to be stuck just dancing a basic around the dance floor in a circle without any moves.”

AK Hunter, North Pole, AK


Two-Step BASICS Vol. 1-3 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“One of the very best things I ever did!”

“I purchased the Two Step basics videos Vol. 1, 2, and 3 and it is one of the very best things I ever did! I liked the single focus and how in depth it got. After using these instructional videos for a couple of weeks, I went out and danced the Two Step very well. Many of the women I danced with thought I was an experienced dancer. When I told them this was my first time, they could not believe it!! I have been a classroom teacher for forty years and I know the value of learning something right the first time! If you want to learn the Two Step the right way, Shawn’s videos are the way too go!!”

Chris Collins


Two-Step BASICS Vol. 1-3 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“Basics, Basics, Basics!”

“Shawn Trautman’s Two-Step Basics is in two words is, The Best! In this 3 DVD set Shawn breaks down Two-Step basics in three separate sections. On the Vol. 1 he shows you the four connection points for a great lead & follow connection. He then has you practice the rhythm pattern of Two-Step (quick,quick,slow,slow) forward, backwards and side by side so that muscle memory starts to take over. Then he takes you in to a simple left turn. In Vol. 2 Shawn expands on the Left Turn taking you into three different turning positions. Cape, Wrap, and Promenade positions, which all will advance your dancing to the next level. Finally in Vol. 3, Shawn and his lovely partner Nicole Frye who is also a great dancer with a beautiful smile, will take you through Prep Steps to get you into Cape, and other side by side positions plus the One & A Half exit to get you back to close position. All these Basics lead to a much better dance experience when you finally hit the floor. I too have Shawn’s other 3 DVD sets on Country Two-Step and West Coast Swing. All I can say is they are all great. I keep going back to them to refresh my mind as I become a better dancer. This Two-Step Basics DVD set does that also. It keeps reminding me of the simple basics that I’ve forgotten and have to fix. Add in a visual pleasing studio set, beautiful Nicole Frye, (who I don’t mind watching) and many camera angles so you will always see the feet, and you have a wonderful learning tool. Shawn in his simple yet commanding teaching method had me learning right out of the box and he’ll do the same for you. He has made me a happy Two-Step dancer! Do yourself a favor and get this DVD set!”

John E. Traynor



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