Triple 2-Step Moves & Patterns V2



Triple Two-Step is one of those dances that you’ll soon find yourself doing to as many songs as possible. It’s a great rhythm, something everyone can do, and it’s catchy! Now that you’re into it and looking for more moves, you’ll find this next volume to be just what you need. Tons of great moves on this one and lots for both the leaders and followers to work on as making you look good is the primary goal while you build your arsenal of rockin’ moves for the social scene. These are moves we guarantee you’ll use and be proud of the very first time you go out after watching the video.

Grab your boots and join the fun on the dance floor as Shawn & Joanna Trautman take you through a number of exciting new steps and leads on Triple Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 2. Here, you’ll go through several essential Triple Two-Step moves, piece by piece, and you’ll learn combinations that are guaranteed to wow you, your partner, and your friends. The Arm/Neck Loop is the foundation for each of the patterns here and it will certainly not disappoint! Your confidence will grown immensely as you and your partner master Triple Two-Step turns, reverse roations, creative hand changes, and several leading techniques. You’ll soon see just how much fun you can have with your boots on as Triple Two-Step Moves & Patterns will get you dancing and having fun in no time flat!
Triple 2-Step Moves & Patterns V2 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“We had no idea”

“My husband and I just finished the second Moves/Patterns video and we’re very impressed. We had no idea there were so many little tricks that make this dance so easy. We especially liked how it flowed with the music and that we were able to dance along (for most of it) with you. We’ve got a lot to learn and will certainly be practicing in the meantime.”

– Angela M, Denver, CO



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