Kristin Geil-Ham’s Beginner Nightclub Two-Step Mastery System

  • Designed for Beginners
  • 4 Time World Champion Instructor
  • Easy to Follow
  • All the Moves You Need
  • Show-stopping Styling Tips
  • Every Single Detail Explained
  • Dance Along at Your Own Pace
  • Learn With or without a partner
  • Practice with Music

THE Resource for dancers of all ages interested in a comprehensive step-by-step introduction to EVERYTHING you need to dance Nightclub Two-Step with grace, poise, and style!!

One of the most knowledgeable, organized, skilled, and graceful dance teachers on the planet will painstakingly take you through the EVERYTHING you need to know to dance Nightclub Two-Step, complete with demonstrations and practice time. Begin with understanding the music…progress into the rhythm for your feet… each and every step you need to take… the essential unspoken connection with your partner … as well as the actual moves that MAKE Nightclub Two-Step an unforgettable dance floor experience.

After this clinic, you’ll have your own LIVE! Version of Kristin Geil-Ham’s Beginner Nightclub Two-Step Series so you can learn from the questions of people just like you, dealing with problems just like yours, seeking guidance from instructors who have “been there, done that and mastered it”.

Who is Kristin Geil-Ham’s Beginner Nightclub Two-Step Series For?

Those using Kristin’s jaw-droppingly successful dance instruction live in all corners of the world and are from all walks of life. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a beginner dancer or a simply looking for more beginner instruction to polish your core basic steps; you can use Kristin’s Nightclub Two-Step Beginner Series to put the WOW in your Nightclub Two-Step. If you want to look good on the dance floor, you cannot afford to be without the in-depth knowledge and practice that Kristin offers.

Sound good? Now, let’s discover what all is included in this ground-breaking Beginner Nightclub Two-Step System:

  • You will receive 3 Full-length “Private Lesson” Nightclub Two-Step DVDs with Kristin and Monty Ham that really break down EVERY STEP in a clear, simple, and extremely detailed “This-Is-What-You-Need-To-Do-And-Think” order. Stand up in front of your TV and dance right along with Kristin and Monty. You have the best spot in the class with the prime views of feet, hand positions, body alignment, partner connection, etc as you work through each concept during the lesson.
  • Once you are comfortable with at least the first Private Lesson, you are ready to dive in to the 3 DVDs full of LIVE! Nightclub Two-Step Lessons where you dance along with Kristin and Monty and a hand-selected group of dancers as they master the steps and moves of Nightclub Two-Step in a hands-on, out-on-the-floor live class. Learn from the questions and struggles of other dancers who are just like you!
  • In all you will have in your possession over 9 Hours of Award-Winning Nightclub Two-Step Instruction from one of the top dance teachers in the world!
  • As you dive in to these lessons with Kristin and Monty, you will master the Basic Nightclub Two-Step Dance Steps You Need and how to dance them well regardless of your overall dance experience level.
  • Once you have the basic steps Kristin and Monty walk you through all of the Beginner Moves That Are Perfect for the Social Floor. These are the Turns, Moves, & Steps Guaranteed to Make You Look GREAT!
  • Enjoy Clear, Detailed Instructions on everything from foot action to fingertip styling for BOTH Ladies & Gentlemen. Kristin and Monty take each piece of their moves and steps and explain it in detail so you DON’T MISS A THING!

All you need to do is place your order today. We’ll ship your entire Beginner Nightclub Two-Step Mastery System in the mail IMMEDIATELY.

Take a look at everything you get. Watch the DVDs. Get up and dance along. See for yourself how valuable these lessons are for your dancing. To get started just place your order online (below), give us a call at 1-877-326-2301, or print this form and mail it back to us.

If you were a serious dancer offered the chance to peek over Kristin Ham’s shoulder as she analyzed and chose her favorite moves, and listen to her brainstorming sessions and private lessons, would you dilly-dally around, thinking it over? I hope not!
Same principle applies here. Order today!