Whether you are learning for an event like a wedding, a cruise, a date, an upcoming dance, or if you simply want to try something new, Slow Dancing for Beginners Volume 1 is a great place to start! Slow Dancing for Beginners Volume 1 is a remarkably simple DVD that teaches the guys how to lead the dance, the ladies how to follow it, and more importantly, how both can look good doing it.

Your instructors, Shawn and Joanna Trautman, will have you dancing along with them as you learn to lead and follow several basic steps, left turns, right turns, underarm turns, momentum turns and more! This volume is for everyone, though designed specifically for beginners with nearly ninety minutes of easy-to-follow instruction. Owning this DVD is the equivalent of having your own private instruction at home. Filmed and presented with multiple camera angles and Picture-in-Picture technology, you’ll be surprised at just how easily you’ll learn with the right instruction.

Slow Dancing for Beginners V1 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“We had a great time learning to Slow Dance!”

“When my wife told me that we were taking Slow Dance lessons, I was a bit apprehensive. I’ve never really been that comfortable on the dance floor. However, my concerns started to go away when she showed me that we would be learning and practicing in the privacy of our home with the Shawn Trautman Slow Dancing for Beginners DVD Collection. We listened to the DVD lessons a few times. It is great that when she or I had questions, we could simply stop, rewind and practice at our own pace. Shawn Trautman explains steps and moves in an easy-to-understand, confident manner.

We actually ventured out to a public event last weekend — a somewhat formal charity event. To everyone’s surprise (especially my own), both my wife and I were awesome on the dance floor! Unlike the old days, where I would slink into the corner when the music started, I confidently asked my wife to dance all night long. Both of us even found ourselves asking others to dance — and offered them little tips along the way (forgive us Shawn for borrowing some of those!). We are both actually looking forward to going to more events where we can “show our stuff” on the dance floor. For these reasons, I whole-heartedly recommend the Shawn Trautman Slow Dancing for Beginners and rate it Five Stars!”

Thomas K


Slow Dancing for Beginners V1 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“Wish I’d started earlier”

“Always wished I could dance, never took the time to learn… missed a lot! Wish I’d started earlier, appreicate the quality and breakdown of your instruction. Was enjoying a dance class at our local college, but conflicted with my work schedule, and unlike your dvds I could not always say wait I need to see that again. I do wish you were local, you have an obvious love of dance, and it would be great to take a class from the two of you. Thanks. PS – The breakdown of the steps is what I liked most. Bought both the Slow Dancing for Beginners DVD and Dance Lessons 101.”

Tom Hino., Adelanto, CA