Finally, you can stop feeling left out when you hear the infectiously exciting beat of Salsa music and join in on the fun. In just a matter of minutes with this DVD you’ll find just how much fun you can have doing one of the sexiest dances in the world. It’s easier than you think when the instruction’s laid out the way it is in these lessons…

Shine your shoes and put on a smile because you are going to be burning up the floor in a matter of minutes as Shawn and Joanna take you on a guided tour of one of the most popular Latin social dances. You will master rhythm and timing as your feet adjust to the latin beat. While you are moving, you will follow along as Shawn and Joanna help you build your dance frame and master moving with a partner as well as by yourself. Get ready to have a blast as you learn the best beginner Salsa moves and pick up tips and tricks for looking great on the dance floor.

Salsa 101 is the perfect choice for dancing to the Latin-infused beats that are so popular as this DVD is easy-to-understand, step-by-step, and features the most popular version of the dance! This video was designed for beginners, it starts with the basics, and it’s the best way to learn how to Salsa! It all starts with you seeing & experiencing the dance to get a good feel for how it’s danced. From there, the Salsa is broken down into simple, yet manageable lessons that make it easy to follow along with. You’ll soon be Salsa dancing by working through several rhythm & timing drills to ensure you understand and feel it the way you should. Next, you’ll get ‘hands-on’ as you work your way through the specific Salsa connection points & style tips that help make you look the part! It’s easy to overlook a lot of the detail, so pay attention to the “little things” as you go (i.e., posture, hand positions, placement). When you’re ready, you’ll learn & test your skills with several hot moves like cross-body leads, underarm turns, & reverses that you can use with anyone & take to the floor immediately. Plus, you’ll have a full soundtrack of great Salsa music playing through the entire lesson that doubles as a practice tool each time you use the DVD afterwards – just turn it on and practice your Salsa dancing until you’re ready to go out.

Salsa 101 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“I finally found the perfect guide for salsa beginners”

“After intensive research and many attempts to find a true Salsa Dance lesson video, I finally found the perfect guide for salsa beginners. Shawn and Joanna’s “Salsa 101” is different from the other dance instruction videos I’ve tried because its extraordinarily fascinating, fun and entertaining. If you have ever tried taking dance lessons, I can share with you the way my body feels afterwards, personally, my legs feel as limp as spaghetti noodles, every muscle in my body twitches making it difficult to even lift my arms. Now, the difference when I tried Shawn’s “Salsa 101” is that it makes learning how to dance fun, maintaining a steady pace that is easy to follow and making it intriguing to see what’s coming next. Shawn and Joanna make it seem so uncomplicated to learn how to Salsa, going from simple steps to an exclusive style using creative tips, that will help you master the beat of the music and have you dancing in no time. I highly recommend “Salsa 101” to anybody like me that consider themselves to have two left feet and find dancing salsa very difficult, but fascinating. Thank you Shawn T. for creating such an amazing instructional video, because now thanks to you I can move to the beat of Salsa and be a leader on the dance floor, keeping always in mind that “Guys always get what’s left!”

– Gonzalo Zorrilla, Puerto Rico / Florida


Salsa 101 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
“Wow! I didn’t even need a partner”

“I finally convinced my husband that we could try some dance lessons. Reviews on other Shawn Trautman products pointed me to this DVD, and I AM SO GLAD! I didn’t even wait for my husband to try this one – I had no rhythm, so I figured I could use a little extra practice. I did the entire DVD by myself while my husband was at work and it was great – I got some good exercise in while my feet and legs adjusted to the steps and moving when they were supposed to. I then did it with my husband and we had a blast – much less frustrating for us b/c I’d already run through the steps. I may incorporate some of these 101 DVDs into my fitness routine. ”

-Melinda B, Gattlingburg, TENN